I'm Evan Weaver, an engineer, founder, and angel investor in software infrastructure, developer tools, deep tech, AI, and adjacent markets.

I've always hacked, modified, and programmed everything I could get my hands on. I got involved in startups in the web 2.0 days and was employee #15 at Twitter. My team scaled the website and API from a barely functional Rails app to a distributed service architecture, while the company scaled to nearly a thousand people. Next, I was founder and CEO of Fauna, and raised three funding rounds as we invented the serverless database and solved the allegedly impossible global strict serializability problem.

Please contact me if you're a technical founder working on an interesting challenge. I can offer advice on engineering/product/business strategy, hiring and growth, fundraising, technical/developer marketing, and support you in the startup journey. I'm interested in co-investing at pre-seed through series A. If you haven't raised any money yet that's still ok.